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History of Asbestos Asbestos has been mined and used commercially since the late 19th century, but before the risks associated […]

Mesothelioma Symptoms It may take as long as 35-40 years after exposure to asbestos before the onset of mesothelioma symptoms […]

Difference between Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer? Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between mesothelioma and lung cancer. The […]

Radiation There have been a few published reports of lung and stomach mesotheliomas that developed following exposure to Thorotrast.  This […]

There are 2 main forms of asbestos – serpentine and amphiboles. Serpentine fibers are coiled and flexible. Chrysotile is the […]

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals known to be carcinogenic. Asbestos releases strong, microscopic, flexible fibers that can […]

Mesothelioma is most frequently caused by exposure to asbestos. Many people with mesothelioma have worked or lived in places where they […]

The mesothelium has different names, depending on its location in the body. The peritoneum is the tissue that lines most […]

What is Mesothelioma? Tumors of the mesothelium can be benign, noncancerous, or malignant, cancerous. A malignant tumor of the mesothelium […]